Lincoln School students recently joined thousands of children around the globe as they participated in the third annual Global School Play Day.
Kindergarten teacher Martha Groot suggested to her fellow teachers that they participate this year, just as she did last year. Groot discovered the event on social media; its purpose is to highlight the value of unstructured play time for school children.
“The goal of the play day is to recognize and honor the importance of play in a child’s life,” Groot said.
Lincoln School children took turns going into different classrooms, playing with different toys and taking part in new activities. The pre-kindergarten and kindergarten hall and classrooms were filled with toys brought from home from 9:30 to 11 a.m. Toys included dolls, Play-Doh, cardboard boxes, puppets and games. An area was set up for students to make arts and crafts.
First- and second-graders took turns going into different classrooms in the afternoon for an hour to participate in similar activities.
Principal Stephanie Miller was happy the school’s participation in Global Day of Play and its involvement in creating spaces where children were encouraged to create, tinker and explore imaginative uses of common household items.
During library time, students read books such as “The Nowhere Box” by Sam Zuppardi and “Not A Box” by Antoinette Portis to teach them about using their imaginations to create things with ordinary materials. This helped students decide if they wanted to participate in the creative activities during the GSPD event.
Chambers said students really enjoyed the creative process. They made a woodpecker, a camera and a robot.
“The kids loved it, and they had a ball trying out different ideas and having the freedom to create,” Chambers said.
First-grader Shelby Schermerhorn made a robot snow princess because snow and Christmas are her favorite things.
“We got to go into different classrooms and use different things,” Schermerhorn said. “It was great.”