The man who was charged following the Boys and Girls Club shooting in 2015 for returning fire at the suspects was shot Wednesday night on Genesee Street.

Quartermane Titus was outside the Boys and Girls Club in August 2015 when police said three men opened fire into a crowd leaving a basketball game. Officers arrested Titus after the shooting, after they said he returned fire at the suspects, with gun he wasn't allowed to possess because he was a convicted felon.

On Wednesday night, when another shooting happened on Genesee Street, police say Titus was also involved.

Officers say Titus was one of four men shot on Genesee Street near Kirkland, Wednesday night. Officers say Titus was hit by gunfire in the lower body.

At this point, police do not believe Wednesday's shooting is related to the 2015 shooting.

All the victims are expected to recover after the shooting. That shooting was one of three on Wednesday in Rochester.