Canandaigua-based company suing over computers seized for evidence

ROCHESTER — On a cold night in February, 2015, someone took a shotgun and killed Liang "Jim" Tan inside his home office in a quiet neighborhood in Pittsford. 

When Monroe County sheriff's investigators went into the home that night they took evidence from Jim Tan's office. Now the company Tan ran when he was alive wants it back. 

Dynamax Imaging, based at the Smart System Technology and Commercialization Center of Excellence in Canandaigua, is currently being run by Jim Tan's widow, Jean Tan. The company, which makes high-performance image sensors, is suing the Monroe County District Attorney's Office to get three laptop computers that were taken as evidence. 

One of Jim Tan's sons, Charlie Tan, was arrested and charged with murdering his father. The trial ended with a hung jury and a mistrial in 2015. Then, Judge James Piampiano dismissed the case for lack of evidence. The District Attorney's Office is appealing the decision. A ruling by the New York State Supreme Court Appellate Division is expected possibly as early as March 24. 

Charlie Tan is a free man living in Atlanta. 

In the lawsuit, Dynamax says it needs the hard drives in the laptops to defend itself in a lawsuit in federal court. In late 2015, one of Dynamax's distributors, Pangea, sued Dynamax for unpaid bills. 

So far, the DA's office has refused to release the laptops, arguing, in court documents, that the laptops are evidence in the on-going criminal case against Charlie Tan.