Newark Central School District and Newark Public Library, 121 High St., recently partnered to launch a mobile hotspot lending program, allowing patrons to borrow a T-Mobile hotspot for one week that can connect up to 10 devices at once.
“Internet access remains out of reach for far too many in our community,” said Shawn McConnell, library executive director. “Closing the digital divide can increase productivity and open windows of opportunity for our citizens.”
Hotspots are small devices that connect to computers, phones and tablets to the internet wirelessly through cell phone towers. The library has 15 devices available to borrow; NCSD donated and paid for 10 devices.
“Part of the vision and strategic plan of the school district is to partner with parents and community agencies like the public library to help every student every day,” said Matt Cook, NCSD superintendent. “Having students and their families have access to the internet is an important learning tool in today’s world.”
The hot spots only work in the U.S. and do not send or receive text messages.
For information, call 315-331-4370.