The Newark community recently observed this year’s World Day of Prayer at Park Presbyterian Church.
World Day of Prayer is a worldwide ecumenical movement of Christian women who come together for a common day of prayer and action on the first Fridays in March. Each year a different country serves as writer of the worship service, interpreting the Bible in their own context and lifting up issues of mission, justice and peace important to them.
Women in the Philippines prepared the materials used this year. Park Presbyterian welcomed Norma Madayag-Reilly, Newark Rotarian and native of the Philippines, as a participant in the morning’s worship and activities. With her assistance, attendees greeted each other with “mabuhay,” the word of greeting and welcome in the Philippines, and enjoyed a vibrant display of cultural items.
Newark’s ecumenical group, Together in Christ, sponsors the yearly event. This year, men and women from the First Baptist, First United Methodist, St. Mark’s, St. Michaels and Park Presbyterian churches and Together in Christ led the worship service attended by 30 worshipers.
The offering gathered $229, which will be shared through the WDP International Committee with women and children around the world to support programs of justice and equality for women.
Next year’s worship will be written by the women of Suriname.
For information, call 315-331-6954.