New court documents are shedding more light on the death of Craig Rideout.

Rideout's estranged wife Laura, his sons Colin and Alex and Laura Rideout's boyfriend, Paul P.J. Tucci, are charged with murder in connection with the Penfield man's death.

On July 20, 2016, the body of Craig Rideout was found in a wooded area in the Town of Jerusalem in Yates County. Investigators said his face had been disfigured and burned with acid, and he had been strangled. It took deputies several days to positively identify him.

In the months after his body was found, Rideout's estranged wife and two of his sons were indicted on murder charges for his death.

New court documents reveal more about the investigation into his death. According to court papers, while searching Craig Rideout's home on July 21, investigators found garbage bags with bloody clothing, cleaning products and a homemade garrote in the basement.

That same day, deputies say they found Colin Rideout dumping evidence, including garbage bags with bloody clothing and bottles of drain cleaner, into the Devil's Bathtub at Mendon Ponds Park. Nearby, in a vehicle at the pond, they also found Alex Rideout.

When questioned by deputies, in court papers, investigators say Colin Rideout said he had helped his mother clean up blood in Craig Rideout's basement the previous day. Colin also told investigators that he had been directed by his mother to dispose of the garbage bags at Devil's Bathtub, according to the court papers.

Deputies say Alex Rideout was uncooperative when asked for a name. Instead, he asked if it was illegal to sit in his car while it was running. Deputies say he later gave vague responses, just telling deputies he lived in the area.

While being questioned in a patrol vehicle, Colin Rideout told investigators he was "worried" about his father due to recent behavior.

Friends say Laura and Craig Rideout were at the middle of a contentious divorce at the time of his death. On the day his body was found, investigators say Craig Rideout's sister discovered Laura Rideout in his apartment in Penfield. 

In court on Monday, defense lawyers unsuccessfully urged Judge Thomas Moran to seal the court documents in the case, saying releasing that information could prejudice a future jury.

"One, two, three, four, five, six, eight cameras here already. ... Eight cameras could get out and report this case, it's going to be very tough to get a fair jury in this case," defense attorney Michael Schiano told News 10NBC. "We are looking to have a fair jury and not have any taint with regards to what's going to happen in this case."

"Obviously, any time your face is being put on the news, connected with the charge such as this, there are certain people who will jump to conclusions," said Matthew Parinello, defense attorney. "And that's the difficulty that we have in getting a fair trial."