Thomas C. Armstrong Middle School’s technology program was recently selected as the 2017 New York State Technology and Engineering Educators Association Program of Excellence.
The recognition is the highest level of award offered by NYSTEEA.
Through the efforts of teachers Stephen Powers and Jay Gauthier and their contributions to the technology program and their students, Wayne Central School District’s technology program will serve as a standard for comparison and model across the state.
Powers and Gauthier will move on to represent the state as candidates for the International Technology and Engineering Association’s Program of Excellence.
Award recipients must meet requirements. Faculty must be certified to teach technology education, must teach at least four periods a day and must participate in ongoing professional development. The program must have been revised within the last five years to incorporate contemporary teaching strategies and up-to-date curriculum.
The Wayne technology program is student centered and designed to develop insights and understandings of the application of technological literacy, problem solving skills and technological concepts and processes.
“Our goal is to create future technological leaders through a rigorous curriculum based on science, technology, engineering and mathematics,” Powers and Gauthier said. “We strive to educate our students so they will be productive members of a technological world, preparing them to learn from past, imagining the future and meeting the challenges of the present.”
When developing the curriculum, Powers and Gauthier said that hands-on experiences inspire students to make the connections between academic concepts and real-world relevance.
Wayne’s program is organized around seven principles: engineering through design improves life, technology has and continues to affect everyday life, technology drives invention and innovation and is a thinking and doing process, technologies are combined to make technological systems, technology creates issues that change the way people live and interact, technology impacts society and must be assessed to determine if it is good or bad and technology is the basis for improving on the past and creating the future.