Before you continue to read this article, please understand, I do not hate libraries. My intent is to make sure all of our Palmyra residents are informed voters. I have been invited and visited our Palmyra library several time and have enjoyed all the events. I am not a big library user, but I do understand they have a purpose and community value.
My concern is that the plan to increase the Macedon library tax is not widely known about or understood by Palmyra taxpaying residents. There will be a referendum on the Pal-Mac school budget May 16 in Macedon to increase the library line item on your school tax bill. I want everyone to understand that the amount of tax that Palmyra pays, which goes directly to the Macedon library only, will increase by over 250 percent. I would like to be confident that everyone that goes in to vote is well informed.
On the local side, at our last Palmyra Town Board meeting we approved a referendum to go to voters for a replacement highway truck storage barn. I appointed a team to research and make recommendations to the full board for a plan to submit to our voters. We have had information meetings as this process has moved forward and will schedule a final meeting for the public to understand how and why we arrived at the program we now support. It will include the decommission of the current truck barn and replacing it with a 100-by-110-square-foot heated building.
The whole program is based on the value of the existing building, what maintenance it needs and its current age. We will be using a combination of our current cash reserves and a small, short term loan to finance the new building. There will be no long term impact on our future budgets for this building. Good planning has given us the reserves to execute this program. Over the years the voters have approved to purchase highway equipment and plow trucks, the town board is responsible to maintain and sustain this equipment. This is a move to help do both. I am glad to see this program move forward and would like to say this is the vision of past supervisors and board members that understood the ongoing requirements of a strong and healthy municipality.
Once again, please inquire about this program as we all want the voters to be well informed before you step into the voting booth. As always, my door is open or call to discuss any issues. In closing I would continue to encourage everyone, regardless of the topic or issue, get out and vote.