We attended the village board meeting in Newark on March 21. We went to support our neighbor and friend Robert Barrett, who was sworn in as an honorary policeman for a day. It was a special ceremony with many people supporting this special child. Truly, it was a joyful event for all the people crowded into the room. Then, many high school athletes were recognized for their achievements and efforts.
Again there was pride and respect shown for each individual and every achievement.
Never having attended a village meeting, we decided to stay for the entire meeting. We were impressed by the preparation and the care shown for the people of Newark. Numerous issues were brought up and acted upon. It felt as though all involved were prepared and were willing to listen carefully to others. The agenda moved along quickly, but allowed for comments that might wish to be offered. It was efficient and focused while at the same time being relaxed enough to enjoy the gentle banter among people who have worked together for many years.
At the end of what was declared an extra long meeting, there again were gentle words of gratitude about Robert and the special ceremony held earlier that evening.
We would like to say “thank you” for the service of the mayor and trustees and clerk/treasurer and all those reporting from various departments. It appears they are all doing their best quality work to benefit this community. It is a pleasure to witness people working together efficiently, carefully and thoughtfully for the betterment of their home community.
Thank you to Mayor Jonathan Taylor and trustees and other officials of Newark. We appreciate your work and encourage you to continue your high standards of excellence and caring.
Doreen La Gray
Allen Flood