Newark and Clyde were recently selected as two of 10 rural locations in the state to participate in Strong Hearts for New York, a collaborative research study funded by National Institutes of Health.
The study will examine the effects of one program on the prevention of cardiovascular disease in rural communities. The leading cause of death among adults in the state including women is heart disease.
Both communities will be randomly selected to offer Strong Hearts, Healthy Communities either in the spring or fall. This program will meet for an hour twice per week for six months. Participants will learn and practice good nutrition and physical activity for improved individual, family and community health.
Researchers are seeking woman ages 40 and older who would like to be more active and achieve a healthier weight. Participants can earn up to $130 for completing the study and will be given free blood draws and nutrition and physical activity assessments before and after the study.
For information, call 315-331-8415.