Marion Central School District recently honored 26 students with its second-quarter Believe to Achieve Award with a ceremony held in the Marion Elementary School Auditorium.
The award was created by MCSD office administrators to recognize students who display a growth mindset by expanding their intelligence and skills through effort, practice and challenge, and who take ownership of their learning.
In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work; brains and talent are just the starting point.
Teachers nominated students, and the following winners were chosen by MCSD office administrators.
Kindergarten: Mia Sutton and Scout Works.
First grade: Emma Evans and Connor Schultz.
Second grade: Molly Dilworth and Gabriella Teed.
Third grade: Aaron Meyer and Cohlton Pomerantz.
Fourth grade: Cora Muller and Polet Rivera-Hernandez.
Fifth grade: Rachel Mattison and Aidan Miller.
Sixth grade: Abby Conover and Alec-Edward Sedore.
Seventh grade: Adam Schultz and Kami Steurrys.
Eighth grade: Meghan Hilton and Abigail Pynn.
Ninth grade: Dedra Arrowood and Luis Paramo.
10th grade: Carley Randall and Matthew Russell.
11th grade: Bethany Surline and Raul Zaragoza.
12th grade: Nate Combs -Germany and Makayla Jensen.