The spring break is coming to an end and the holiday will be a memory, bringing all back to the reality of school, work and chores.
The history of Palmyra and vicinity is filled with famous happenings, famous people and legislation to create a safer, more pleasant life for residents.
On April 16, 1836, an act of legislation increased the local fire department to 34 members, and again on April 24, 1837, another act of legislation increased the local fire department to 54 members. Did you know that each new fireperson’s application is brought to the village board and is voted on to accept or deny?
The Easter egg hunt by the Palmyra-Macedon Lions Club and Palmyra Community Center was a huge success held in Village Main Street Park, as it has been for the last 45 years.
On April 20, 1860, one year before the beginning of the Civil War, it was determined to pass lighting the streets with gas at a special meeting. The gas lights looked very similar to those on our East Main Street today.
On April 21, 1898, our very own Capt. William T. Sampson was promoted to rear admiral. On April 22, 1870, Church Street was cut down and graded. Church Street turns into Maple Avenue as you go over the Canal Bridge. On April 25, 1895, the Birdsall and North’s Operatic Minstrels performed at Village Hall Opera House. On April 26, 1882, Capt. Sampson married his second wife, Elizabeth Burling. Sampson’s first love and wife had died in 1876 and is buried in the village of Palmyra Cemetery.
On April 27, 1791, Capt. James Galloway began clearing land of the Swift Purchase. Township 12’s districts two and three have blossomed into Palmyra and Macedon, and this year is celebrating its 228th year of founding.
At Historic Palmyra, our work is focused on the exhibits and themes for 2017, including the 200th anniversary of the Erie Canal, the 160th year of the John M. Jones Co. and our 40th year of ownership of Phelps Restoration Property, today the Wm. Phelps General Store and home museum as well as the Erie Canal Depot and our Palmyra Print Shop.
Our next big event is Saturday, May 13 called Seeking the Unknown from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. The fundraising ghost hunt event will be put on by three amazing experts in the field: the Rev. Sean Patrick, Tammy Pararose and Tessa Delzoppa. Tickets are available by calling or texting 716-946-1405.
We need your support to continue our five museums, one destination unlike any other community in the entire state. Bring your family and friends to our museums for their historic experience. They will be amazed and excited. Hours are Tuesdays-Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
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