Why are school districts’ taxpayers paying two times more per K-12 student, then sending them to a SUNY college?
Most local school districts like Williamson do not adjust budgets to declining student enrollment. If you do an apples to apples comparison of SUNY college per student cost to Williamson per student cost you get the following:
SUNY tuition — $6,470, student fees — $1,640, room and board — $3,860 and total direct costs — $11,970. Indirect costs include books and supplies — 1,340, personal expenses — $1,590 and transportation — $1,890, totaling $4,820. SUNY college total direct and indirect cost is $16,790 per-student for 2017.
Williamson proposed school budget is $23,099,790. If divided by the present 1,048 students in 2016-17, the total direct costs are $22,041 per student. Other two propositions if passed would be an indirect costs total of $12,388 per student. The K-12 direct and indirect costs total is $34,429 for 2017-18.
Williamson taxpayers will pay two times the cost of sending a student to a SUNY college for a year’s worth of education. Or only $13,200 going to a SUNY community college.
The most recent U.S. national average is $11,099 spent per student on public education, except in New York state. Over three times more than Aquinas Institute for 2017 tuition of $9,200, and they don’t get any state aid.
Williamson isn’t the only district that “have not adjusted their budgets, with declining student enrollment”. We New York taxpayers need to show up to all these budget hearings and ask some real good questions before voting.
Gregg Palis