Lake Ontario southern and eastern shore communities are bracing for flooding as they are faced with lake levels more than 20 inches above the norm, and still rising.
The probability of extensive flooding and significant property loss is extremely high. The imminent threat to south shore communities necessitates a proactive engagement by state and federal officials.
Plan 2014, instituted in January, doesn’t allow for heightened water levels to be regulated as they had in the past, and now what we feared when we initially opposed this plan has become our immediate reality.
We join with U.S. Reps. Chris Collins, R-27th Dist., and John Katko, R-24th Dist., who are urging the Trump administration to permanently withdraw from Plan 2014 to avoid further damage, and ask Gov. Andrew Cuomo to continue to help our communities respond to any emergencies that threaten lives and properties along Lake Ontario and its bays and connected waterways, advocate for federal funding and provide state funding to repair or replace damaged property, advocate for federal funding and provide state funding for mitigation measures to protect property, expedite the permitting process through Department of Environmental Conservation and other oversight agencies for such mitigation measures and advocate with us to ask the U.S. government to reject Plan 2014.
Inaction is not an option. Our families and communities are in harm’s way.