To the editor:

It is my pleasure to write to you in light of the upcoming elections for Palmyra-Macedon School Board. Residents of Pal-Mac have heard many names the past few days, and will start to see more signs as six folks vie for the four open positions on this year’s board.

I would like to share with your readers why I think re-electing Laura Arrington and Sherry Lambert is the right thing to do. Both of these ladies have committed countless hours and dedication to the students of Pal-Mac, both in and out of board of education meetings.

I have been honored to know and work with Laura Arrington over the past 14 years. She Is passionate about what she does, and she makes every discussion with the whole child in mind while balancing the needs and pressures the taxpayers face. As a mom of Pal-Mac students, she understands the needs our kids are facing, and as a homeowner she understands that meeting those needs must come at a balance. Laura has spent countless hours asking the tough questions when it comes to programs, cost and positions. She will always do her homework and make sure that the taxpayer is getting quality and value for their hard-earned dollar. As part of her job you can often find her in Albany meeting with the commissioner of education, fighting for kids and what’s right for them. She gets to the heart of the matter and understands education laws and rules like no one can. She is an asset to the board that we cannot afford to lose.

I have had the privilege of working alongside Sherry Lambert as well for many years as a member of the PTSO. Sherry has two children who also attend Pal-Mac, and joined the school board to help give all children a voice. Sherry understands that not all children are cookie cutters and that not all children will pursue a four-year degree. Sherry truly values hands-on learning and will fight to make sure that the whole child is educated, that all career paths are explored and all doors are opened to our kids no matter what difficulties they face. As a homeowner, Sherry also has the taxpayers in mind when making these hard choices.

Both of these ladies truly want a 21st-century learning opportunity for all children, but are very conscious of the cost that can come with that. When you enter the polls I am hoping that you will vote for Laura Arrington and Sherry Lambert. A well-balanced board is vital to a good board for all taxpayers.

Renee Herrmann