Marbletown Schoolhouse, 6631 Miller Road, Newark, will open its doors to visitors from 1 to 3 p.m. Saturdays in July-September.
This summer will include “The Games They Played,” an exhibit featuring games played inside and outside a one-room schoolhouse. Students played games that needed little or no equipment, such as fox-and-hounds, hide and seek and Annie-over, a game that involved throwing a ball over the schoolhouse. Other games included Hide the Thimble, I Spy, marbles and jacks. The games taught cooperation, community and fairness.
Marbletown Schoolhouse was built in 1876 in what was known as Arcadia District No. 5. It was one of 19 one-room schools in the town of Arcadia. It closed in 1947. Marbletown Neighborhood Center then donated the school to Newark-Arcadia Historical Society.
Admission is free.
For information, call 315-331-6409 or email