Wayne Central Middle School recently celebrated student achievement and citizenship at its annual Night of Awards Ceremony.
The ceremony recognized students for academic excellence and announced winners of the Assistant Principal Award, Larry Ruth Art Award and JoAnne Huff Service Award.
Sixth-grade award recipients were Anna Malbone and Tyler Senecal, math; Kayla VanBortel and Marlena Hewitt, accelerated math; Owen Doran and Rowan Constable, science; Ashley Abbett and Elandria Brzezniak, social studies; Tina Davenport and Victoria Mueller, English/language arts; Jordan Ford, Gianna Ryndock, Paige Lasher and Victoria Mueller, citizenship; Morgan Aman, Ashley Deel and Izak Krajeski, outstanding effort; Grant Engelsen and Taryn Mascioletti, art; Owen Doran, Anna Malbone and Gianna Ryndock, health; Gianna DeVito and Alek Reynolds, physical education; Taryn Mascioletti and Jacob Wilson, general music; Jeannette Jackson and Peter White, chorus; and Olivia Huber and Aidan Mills, band.
Seventh-grade award recipients were Ryan Becker and Riley Simpson, math; Mason Blankenberg and Sage Lambie, accelerated math; Abigail Dodge-Reeves and Kameron Young, science; Emma Culver and Grace Mosier, accelerated science; Addison Rando and Connor Jantzi, social studies; Ellie Wambold and Mackenzi Wallace, English/language arts; Riley Simpson, Ryan Stone, Emma Grasso and Hannah Starks, citizenship; Grace Koska and Ashley Fosdick, outstanding effort; Evan Panneitz, French; Emma Gabriel, German; Sage Lambie, Grace Mosier and Ellie Wambold, Spanish; Merrick Bosch and Emma Gabriel, art; Noah Means, TCA Art Gallery Award; David Byrnes and Katie Cieplinski, health; Trey Farber and Jillian Groff, physical education; Colin O’Connell and Selena Rogers, adaptive physical education; Leila Bellinger and Noah Means, general music; Colin O’Connell, adaptive music; Zachary Bowman and Addison Rando, chorus; and Emma Culver and Logan Dempsey, band.
Eighth-grade award recipients were Nicole Clark and Dillon Girvin, math; Irini Konstantinou and Raina Hoffmann, algebra; Dillon Girvin and Adriana Giovenco, science; Carina Phillips and Alexandria Miller, biology; Ryan Schaeffer and Julia Ross-McGuire, social studies; Peyton Shales and Valerie Rodriguez-Castro, English/language arts; Carly Gross, Ryan Schaeffer, Andrew Hamel and Julia Ross-McGuire, citizenship; Caitlin Schojan and Kayla Syrell, outstanding effort; Olivia Fabi, French; Carina Phillips, German; Irini Konstantinou, Vivian Mattle and Ryan Wilson, Spanish; Maribel Mendoza, adaptive art; Peter Schimpf and Nathan Hackett, technology; Lilyana Chateauneuf, Zachary Mazurkiewicz, Sophia Siracuse and Savannah Taylor, health; Alex Bolt and Kaitlin Petrotta, physical education; Cody Jackson and Madison Malbone, chorus; and Alaska Dunstan and Daniel Noone, band.
Other award winners included Maribel Mendoza, life skills achievement; Michael Thiel Jr., life skills service; Jeremiah Perrin, Assistant Principal Award; Matthew Carder and Andrew Hamel, JoAnn Huff/PTO Service Award; and Jeana Hoffmann, Larry Ruth Art Award.
Special recognition went to the nominees and two recipients of the Middle School Award of Excellence. The award is given to students for outstanding academic performance and community service.
The nominees were Nicole Clark, Irini Konstantinou, Carly Gross, Vivian Mattle, Andrew Hamel, Valerie Rodriguez-Castro, Jeana Hoffmann, Julia Ross-McGuire, Raina Hoffmann, Elijah Schichtel, Cody Jackson, Peyton Shales and Jessica Keller.
The winners were Nicole Clark and Andrew Hamel.