Glad to Know Ya Farm is the Summit Vendor of The Month award winner for July, presented at the city of Rochester Public Market.
Glad to Know Ya Farm grows and sells strawberries, cherries, apples and a variety of fresh cut flowers. Randy Dickinson and his family run the farm.
“I have many fond memories of the market,” said Dickinson, who came to the city of Rochester Public Market as a boy with his grandfather, stopping for a doughnut and chocolate milk at Jimmy’s restaurant before a long day of selling. “In my 20s, I took my then-girlfriend (now wife) to the market. Later on, I brought my kids with me and taught them how to sell our crops that we worked so hard to grow, how to make change and how to teach our customers where their produce and flowers were coming from.”
Now, Dickinson teaches his grandchildren about the family’s farm-to-market enterprise; they are the sixth generation of Dickinson’s family to bring the farm’s homegrown produce and flowers to the Market.
“The market means a great deal to me, my family and our farm,” said Dickinson.
The Summit Vendor of the Month award honors those vendors who, like The Summit, are locally grown and locally committed, serving the community while providing quality products. The award is a partnership between The Summit Federal Credit Union and The Friends of the Rochester Public Market.