Clyde-Savannah High School honored the following student-athletes at its 2016-17 Athletics Awards Banquet.
Baseball: Patrick Marchitell, most improved; Zachary Montes, Coach’s Award; and Jaret Murray, MVP.
Boys basketball: Jaret Murray, Coach’s Award; Jaydon Rattray, most improved; and Dylan Ufholz, MVP.
Boys bowling: Aaron Smith, most improved; and Connor Wright, MVP.
Boys cross country: Sam Atwater, MVP; Michael Fowler, most improved; and Hunter Yates, Coach’s Award.
Boys indoor track: Ryan Garrett, MVP field; Bryce Rattray, MVP track; and Hunter Yates, Coach’s Award.
Boys track and field: Ryan Garrett, MVP; Jaydon Rattray, most improved track; and Austin Zimmerman, most improved field.
Fall cheerleading: Emma Bowen, most improved; Calista Olson, MVP; and Miranda Snyder, Coach’s Award.
Football: Derrick Chance, offensive MVP; Jaret Murray, Coach’s Award; and Raymond Williams, defensive MVP.
Girls basketball: Samantha Kalinski, Coach’s Award; Tayler Sharp, MVP; and Jayanna Williams, most improved.
Girls bowling: Shayne West, most improved; and Riley Wright, MVP.
Girls cross country: Abby Fitch, Coach’s Award; Lily Molisani, most improved; and Emma Rath, MVP.
Girls indoor track: Emma Bowen, most improved; and Emma Rath, MVP.
Girls tennis: Samantha Kalinski, MVP and five-year player; Eliana Mitchell, most improved; and Essence Mitchell, Coach’s Award.
Girls track and field: Emma Bowen, MVP field; Emma Rath, Coach’s Award; and Tayler Sharp, MVP running.
Golf: Cassandra Lawson, most improved and four-year player; and Zach Lawson, MVP.
Softball: Riley Carr, most improved; Ashley Lawson, Coach’s Award defense; and Jayanna Paddock, Coach’s Award offense.
Swimming: Zach Abbott, most improved; Ashley Lawson, MVP and four-year swimmer; Mariah Powers, four-year swimmer; and Nicholas Reed, MVP.
Volleyball: Chelsea Carr, most improved; Riley Carr, Coach’s Award offense; and Samantha Maddox, Coach’s Award defense.
Winter cheerleading: Kristen Delisio, most improved; Jennifer Elliott, Coach’s Award; and Hanna Russ, MVP.
Ryan Garrett received the Tony Masttangelo Award as the most improved senior football player. Zachary Montes received the Dominic “Baldy” Vitticore Award, which goes to an outstanding senior football lineman.
Rosalie Betts and Bryce Rattray received the Wayne A. Frisinger Award, which goes to one male and one female senior track and field student-athlete.
Samantha Kalinski and Bryce Rattray were awarded the Joan McAllister Award, which is given to the most outstanding male and senior athletes at Clyde-Savannah. Jaret Murray received the Charles “Wick” Fischette Award as Clyde-Savannah’s most outstanding senior scholar athlete.