Artist Jeremy Bach will showcase his artwork with “Studio Days” on July 27-Aug. 24 in the Fayad Gallery at Wayne County Council for the Arts, 108 W. Miller St., Newark.
The solo exhibition celebrates the creative nature and environment of the studio along with Bach’s recently released book of poems with the same title. His last exhibition, “Empire,” was featured at Hazlitt’s Winery in Naples.
“This show I’m really excited for, because this is a show which will have the largest number of my works together in one show in a very long time,” Bach said. “I think this is going to be the best visual representation of what I’ve been doing these last few years. It’s bringing together every style and art interest I have under one roof.”
The show will feature every style Bach has worked in, including his award-winning paintings, photography and poetry. His career includes over 40 regional and international shows and 14 years of studying art.
“Every artist reaches a point in his or her career where the years of studying the craft of painting and experimenting combine into a maturity which shows through every artwork, in every show from that moment forward,” Bach said. “I believe for me and my craft the moment is with this show. My skills as an artist and a showman finally come together at this moment in time.”
Bach has been involved in photography shows on the West Coast at the Center for Digital Photography in Los Angeles as well as the Black Box Gallery in Portland, Oregon, as well as locally. He has been active with the region’s art scene for more than a decade with solo and group art shows to his credit. With the release of his first poetry book, “The White Room,” in 2014, Bach has dedicated more of his time to writing and publishing his literature works, including a collection of poetry, short stories and doodles titled “Studio Days” in October 2016.
WCCA will host its annual member’s show in the main gallery alongside “Studio Days.” The exhibit will showcase its members’ talents and diverse styles. A reception and ceremony is slated for 6 p.m. July 29.
“I was a part of the member’s show last year, and as an art lover I wasn’t disappointed with the amount of art displayed and the quality I saw,” Bach said. “I bet I walked the gallery four times looking at the pieces over and over again it was that good. With both shows, I hope every visitor to the center walks away with an enjoyable experience.”
The July 29 reception will also celebrate “Studio Days.” WCCA is open from noon to 3 p.m. Thursdays-Saturdays.
For information, call 315-331-4593, email or visit