The village of Clyde recently installed a Dero Fixit station so cyclist can make minor repairs to their bicycles using a bike stand, tools and air pump outside Clyde Village Office, 6 Park St.
Clyde welcomes thousands of cyclists each year along a popular bicycle route along state Route 31. The new fixing station will appear on a nationwide map of Dero stations.
“The village of Clyde strives to be a healthy community, and the Dero Fixit station is just one more asset to help everyone continue on that track,” Mayor Jerry Fremouw said. “We’re also mindful that cyclists often take the time to stop and visit our local merchants.”
Len Gromoske, a cyclist, bike mechanic and Clyde resident, said the station will increase safety for cyclists and promote bikes as a mode of transportation.
“This repair station speaks to the reliability of cycling as a mode of transport or recreational activity,” Gromoske said. “Cyclists can be confident that if they get a puncture or a minor break down, facilities are nearby for the necessary repairs to allow them to continue on to their destination uninterrupted.”
Cyclists will be able to ride the contiguous 360-mile stretch along the Erie Canalway Trail from Albany to Buffalo by 2020 with Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Empire State Trail initiative.
Due to Clyde’s location on this trail, it serves as a lunch stop for Parks and Trails New York’s annual Cycle the Erie ride in July. In 2016, over 700 cyclists stopped for refreshments and rest in Village Park when traveling from Fairport to Seneca Falls.
The station was purchased by Clyde SPAN, a local service organization, with funding provided by the Greater Rochester Health Foundation through the Strengthening Our Area Residents grant.
SOAR is a Neighborhood Health Status Improvement Project grant held by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Wayne County. SOAR and Clyde SPAN frequently collaborate with the village of Clyde, towns of Galen and Savannah and other local organizations and municipalities to boost economic revitalization, beautify the environment and improve the long-term health of the area’s residents.
Clyde Village Planning Department is finalizing an informational brochure geared specifically to cyclists, walkers, boaters and other visitors passing through the area. The brochure will be available at Clyde municipal offices and kiosks in the future.
For information, call 315-923-3971 or 315-573-0903, email or or visit