In 1828, Clarissa Hall became an orphan along with her other sisters. She lived in the home of her family off Church Street near the Village Park.
She became known as the Grand American Dame in her adult life as she traveled through Europe with her children. She remained in her childhood home until April 5, 1849, when she married Leonard Jerome, a businessman and entrepreneur.
Clarissa was independent, self-reliant and charming. She made many friends during her travels, many of them of notable fame and fortune. She joined the Emperor Napoleon at a dinner eating on gold plates and touring the Bastille.
Her daughter, Jenny, became the wife of Lord Randolph Churchill. During this month of Suffrage, Clarissa Hall Jerome was a self-made woman who received notable fame on her own. She was the grandmother of Sir Winston Churchill.
This young woman from Palmyra met all her hardships head on, and even though an orphan she made a difference in the world.
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