Two of four defendants were convicted in Craig Rideout's slaying

ROCHESTER — In a turbulent week, three family members were convicted in the gruesome death of a father of seven. 

Craig Rideout was strangled to death in Penfield last July, with his body later found in Yates County. His estranged wife, Laura, and their son Colin, were both convicted of murder. Another son, Alex, was found guilty of evidence tampering; and Paul Tucci, Laura’s boyfriend, was acquitted of all charges. Tucci wants to start a new life with Laura and her children in North Carolina, he told the Daily Messenger's news partner News 10NBC on Wednesday.

Investigators interviewed by News 10NBC felt all four suspects were guilty. They believe Laura Rideout, the mother, orchestrated everything, and even instructed her children by text message. 

This is laid out in court papers but it was information that never made it to the jury. This is one reason the victim's family is still so upset about the split verdict.

Craig Rideout's sister says it’s hard to absorb these court papers that detail how investigators believe the younger Rideout children did things to get their dad to lose his temper, with text messages from Colin Rideout: "Perfect, bring the police — that'll look great."

Out of seven Rideout children, only Colin and Alex were on trial, but investigators who traced multiple text messages believe that this was truly a family affair. 

Another wrinkle: Colin Rideout's relationship with Charlie Tan. Both rowed crew for Pittsford Mendon High School. They stayed friends while Tan stood trial in 2015 in the shooting death of his allegedly abusive father. Tan's case was dismissed, and he walked free.

Colin was convicted without defense attorneys ever presenting any evidence about abuse in the Rideout home. That couldn't stop comparisons on social media. Even the district attorney noticed. 

"Dateline" is producing a special on the Rideout murder case. The victim's sister has been told it will air in September. 

Craig Rideout's sister says no matter what, the children are left, fatherless, and their mother is going to prison, perhaps for life.

There were numerous hearings and motions made over the episodes with the children leading up to Craig Rideout's death. Ultimately, the judge ruled the information was inadmissible, meaning the jury never knew about them, perhaps it still wouldn't have changed the outcome.