Newark native Dan Bailey recently released his second CD, “Danny B and The Buckles.”
The collection of rock, blues, progressive rock and soft instrumental music united Bailey with former classmate Bill Clark, who sang and co-wrote several songs on the CD.
“Bill and I were in bands together in Newark in the early 1980s, and we both ended up living in the Buffalo area,” said Bailey, who now lives in East Aurora. “The proximity made it easy to get together and develop several of the songs. Working with Bill was satisfying and fun. He has a real talent for turning an idea into a great song and singing it with feeling and power.”
The 13-track album is the result of two years of work. Bailey used 19 local musicians and singers to complete the project.
“There is a lot of talent here in western New York, and the music scene includes some really places to rehearse and record,” Bailey said. “Most of the work on this CD was done at The Music Room EA, which is just an awesome place to work creatively and efficiently.”
“Buckle Up” has received airplay in the Buffalo radio market and downloads from iTunes.
“The market for independent music is pretty fragmented, but there is an emerging appetite among music lovers for music not born out of the mainstream music machine,” Bailey said. “It’s pretty cool to have strangers find and enjoy your music. It speaks to the quality of the music and the open-mindedness of the consumers.”
The CD is available on iTunes, Spotify and CD Baby. It launched with a showcase in East Aurora featuring performances by The Red Letter Kinds and The Buckles.
“I couldn’t have been happier with the way the band delivered these songs, and the way the audience embraced them,” Bailey said. “It’s always a bit of a mystery about how recorded music will come across in a live setting. Bringing it to life is kind of tricky, but the people I chose to do it were fantastic.”
Bailey tried to create music that would match the standards he was used to when he played with bands in the Finger Lakes region. The CD pays homage to artists including Dave Carr, Gabe Cinquegrana, Howard DeRue and Tom Burgess.
“These were the guys who really shaped me as a musician when I was just starting out,” Bailey said. “I wanted to create music that I thought would please them. Getting to do that with Bill Clark was a really big bonus, and I think the joy of that comes through the music.”
Bailey graduated from Newark High School in 1978.