Lyons Public Library, 122 Broad St., will host Victor Harris, of Penn Yan, as he presents “Paper Bullets: Books as Weapons of War and Peace” at noon Aug. 16.
The free lecture will explore how World War II was a battle in the war of ideas as well as military clashes. Harris will examine how books played a vital role in ideological combat.
The Nazi regime staged book-burning rallies, and went on a rampage of destruction in occupied territories. It was a regime committed to obliterating opposing thought.
When the U.S. entered the war in 1941, it mounted the most massive publishing campaign in history. The U.S. supplied American military personnel with reading materials through the coordination of publishing houses and the government, and countered the Nazi effort once Europe was liberated.
In the war’s aftermath, the U.S. flooded Germany with works promoting democracy as it attempted to de-Nazify the vanquished Reich. An unforeseen consequence of this mission would be the transformation of the American publishing industry and education landscape in addition to winning the war of ideas in Europe.
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