I hope you have been enjoying this fine summer weather, rain and all. It is better than snow.
Speaking of water, our new water treatment plant on Catchpole Road is finally under construction. Many of the underground pipes and foundation blocks have been finished, along with some valves and a new hydrant. This includes the diversion of the main 24-inch diameter pipe from the well to the treatment plant. These are the parts that don’t show much, but are necessary preliminary items before the aboveground parts can be constructed. The building’s walls are up, and the cement floor was recently poured and is curing now. We should take delivery of the interior equipment, including the actual treatment vessels, in August. They need to be lifted over the walls for placing. Then the roof can be completed and the equipment inside all connected and made ready for use. We are making good progress on this project and look forward to bringing it into service this fall.
We have been logging the Salter Road gravel pit area in preparation for the construction of the solar array. Although this has taken us a while, due in part to inclement weather, this logging operation has netted the town over $21,000 to date, which will help to defray any local costs of the project. I expect that the last of the red tape should be completed on this fairly soon so we can begin construction. Once construction commences, it does not take long to complete it, so am looking forward to having this done by fall. Stay tuned.
As you know, the coastal towns continue to suffer from flooding due to high lake levels. Although Rose does not have a coastline, this will still affect us indirectly. Many of the lake and bay shore businesses have been unable to open. If open, their business volume is lower than usual. This means that their sales tax collection is lower than usual. ince this tax is shared with the towns, it seems likely at this point that we will receive less sales tax revenue than usual. Fortunately, when we prepare the town budget we try to figure these things conservatively, but it is unclear how long or how severe this problem will last.
We are in full swing with the lawn mowing season, and the rain has made things grow. Please note that the local town law requires lawns to be kept below 10 inches in height. Those households not complying will be given a written warning. If needed, 10 days later the town will mow the lawn. If this is needed, the bill will include a $75 administrative fee in addition to the mowing expense. We have not had to mow many lawns in the past few years, but we have done it and will continue to do it as needed.
Don’t forget the wonderful live concerts at Rose Union Community Building in Rose every Thursday evening at 7 p.m. This season is in full swing and will continue every week until the end of August. Please join me there, you’ll enjoy it.