When speaking with the former State Sen. Michael Nozzolio, R-54th District, I asked what was best in keeping a town in line voting or appointing. The answer to that question was electing. Why? Because the people can hold those elected individuals accountable, this is why it’s so important.
Is this the kind of leadership from a supervisor, controlling that we want? That dictates the definition of words to show its control over the taxpayers? That would suggest appoint or appointed. Decided beforehand, designated is something that should not be the rule of law for the taxpayers of Walworth or any village, town, city or state. We were given the right to an election and vote whom we choose to elect.
This special election is costing taxpayers $24,000 at this point as long as they are in control.
This special election being held in our Walworth is a waste of $24,000 taxpayer’s money; it’s not spent on sidewalks or lighting on our streets in areas that are needed.
The individuals that are behind the current town supervisor and its leadership of this present administration on the board has been ignoring the voices of Walworth. This is why we are asking everyone living in the town of Walworth to vote “no” to keep the rights as the taxpayers of the town of Walworth by being able to pick those whom we choose and hold accountable for their actions Aug. 16.
If you want to make a change, Walworth will have the chance to elect those they choose to manage the town in November.
Shouldn’t we hold accountable the supervisor and all the others that we as taxpayers pay their salary and benefits. That is the rights that we have as the citizens of our town.
Once one loses the right to vote, it’s lost forever.
Voices for a United Walworth can only be as strong as those that can stand for its rights, and that’s standing as one. VFAUWA and its committee, is calling on everyone to vote no to the referendum Aug. 16.
I am Staff Sgt. Gene Simes. Once a marine always a marine. I have been advocating for 20 years for veterans, those now serving and the taxpayers of this great nation, and believe in everyone that stands as one for their rights.
I can be reached at 315-986-7322 or 585-329-4711.
Gene Simes