The 7:14 a.m. collision happened at the train crossing at Hogback Hill Road. The victim is identified as Heidi Sevor, 52.


PALMYRA — Wayne County sheriff’s deputies are still investigating a fatal train and vehicle collision on Hogback Hill Road, just off North Creek Road, that resulted in the death of a Phelps woman.

According to Sheriff Barry Virts, a CSX freight train pulling 83 cars was heading westbound when it struck a vehicle heading southbound on Hogback Hill Road on the tracks Tuesday morning.

The Sheriff’s Office said the victim was Heidi Sevor, 52, who was alone in the car.

“This was an incident where the driver was stopped before the tracks, and pulled onto the tracks when the train came,” said Virts, adding that the information came from individuals on the train.

Virts had no details on how fast the train was traveling, but he said the train pushed Sevor’s vehicle about a half mile before coming to rest.

“There is no issue with the train tracks,” Virts said. “There are no issues with the warning lights of the railroad and there are no issues with county or town roads crossing the tracks.”

The rail intersection is in a relatively secluded area of the town, northeast of the village near Ganargua Creek.

The crash was reported at 7:14 a.m. Tuesday. The sheriff’s crash management team, road patrol and investigators responded as did East Palmyra firefighters.

Virts said he had no information on how far away the train was from the intersection when the victim pulled onto the tracks.

The road and intersection were closed for about four hours, until both were reopened shortly before noon Tuesday.