Gananda Central School District will kickoff its Gananda PROUD initiative with a picnic lunch at 11:30 a.m. Sept. 8 at Richard Mann Elementary School, 1366 Waterford Road, Walworth.
Positive behavioral interventions and supports is a behavioral platform that the district will adopt to improve and support social, emotional and academic outcomes for all students.
The program sets expectations for all students, and defines outcomes if those expectations are not met. The district is using the acronym PROUD to help students identify and remember its purpose — practice self-control, respect, outstanding, unity and driven.
All high school and middle school students will travel to the elementary school for the kickoff event.
“Students in grades K-7 will be paired with a student in grades 8-12,” said Kelly Van Laeken, director of curriculum, instruction and assessment. “This allows students to develop a friendship throughout the year tied to the program. This is a community event where we will all be working together to try something new and different.”