The Summit Federal Credit Union recently awarded Abe Datthyn Farms in Sodus with its Vendor of the Month Award for September 2017 at the city of Rochester Public Market.
The farm’s market stand, named for the late Abram Datthyn, is known for potatoes and onions, but year-round market visitors will find various produce fresh from the farm, including lettuce, cauliflower, kale and cabbage.
Abram Datthyn’s children Kevin and Carol work the market stand.
“White, red, fingerlings, salt potatoes, the Datthyns offer them all,” said Margaret O’Neill, of Friends of the Rochester Public Market. “In late summer and early fall, you will find some of the largest cauliflower you can imagine — white, yellow and purple, it’s all delicious.”
Both sets of the Datthyns’ grandparents came to the area from Holland in the early 1900s, and almost immediately took up farming. They started selling their homegrown offerings at the market shortly afterward. Abram Datthyn started his own farm in 1940, which is now run by Kevin Datthyn and his nephew, Mike Johnson.
Aside from sporadic gaps, Abe Datthyn Farms has provided produce to market shoppers ever since, and now also sells to distributors as well as independent grocery stores.
Kevin Datthyn said the operation has seen a renewed interest in customers seeking local farm-to-table products purchased directly from the farmer or from grocery stores that notify customers where their produce is grown.