A family was recognized for their assistance in the rescue of a hiker in Springwater in August.

On August 1, 18-year-old Chris Coriddi slipped while out on a hike and fell down a waterfall near Canadice Road in Springwater.

The teen was injured and had to be airlifted to a hospital for treatment. Coriddi is doing okay now and is attending college at St. John Fisher.

During a ceremony Thursday, Sheriff Tom Dougherty says things could have been a lot worse if not for the actions of the Froehler. The Froehlers were out enjoying an afternoon near the falls when Coriddi slipped.

Sheriff Dougherty explains, "The actions that Tom and Shannon took at that moment likely turned a tragic event into one with a very positive outcome. Shannon immediately called 911 and Tom quickly pulled Chris from the water. Thomas recognized that Chris began having seizure like symptoms and appeared to stop breathing. Tom gave Chris rescue breaths until he started breathing more regularly. Tom made sure that Chris had a pulse and then turned his attention to controlling the bleeding that Chris had from a head wound from the fall.

"While all this was going on, Shannon was relaying important information to 911 dispatchers and law enforcement officials about the status of Chris and what was occurring at the bottom of the falls."

Rescue crews that were able to get Coriddi to higher ground and to the hospital. At Thursday's ceremony, the Froehlers were given certificates of citizen commendation. The Coriddi family also presented them with a letter.