Dear voters:
I am the Republican candidate for district attorney. I am a lifelong conservative Republican who values the sanctity of our Constitution and equality under the law.
Before settling down in Wayne County, I served at the Department of Homeland Security,
Massachusetts Department of Public Safety and New Jersey Public Defender’s Office. I have spent the last six years practicing criminal, civil and municipal law with the Villani & Grow law firm.
Wayne County deserves better than the status quo. There were only eight felony jury trials
over the last three years. Too many felony cases are plea bargained down to misdemeanors. Last year, only 27.4 percent of adult felony arrests resulted in felony convictions.
A Newark attorney once told me aggressive advocacy is not appreciated in our local
criminal courts and I should just go along to get along. That approach may make some attorneys’ lives easier, but it undermines the hard work of law enforcement and threatens public safety. We need a tireless and zealous advocate.
I am in my early 30s and reside in Macedon with my wife and newborn son. Wayne County has a history of electing young DAs to serve for many years, not to close out a career or enhance a pension. Richard Healy was in his early 30s, and Paul Kehoe was in his late 20s.
With your support, I will reinvigorate the DA’s office with the work ethic, drive and energy the people of Wayne County deserve.
David Fulvio