To Wayne County Voters:
Well, it’s close to election time again. One of the most important positions that we on a local level get to vote on is that of district attorney.
We have been very fortunate in the past and at present to have very qualified individuals as DA. It would seem reasonable that any candidate possess certain minimal qualifications. These should probably include at least the following — experience as either a defense attorney or, even better yet, as a DA; tried criminal cases before either a judge and jury; managed a law office; worked with law enforcement agencies; and/or worked with victims of crimes. There is only one candidate who has all of these qualifications, and his name is Michael Calarco.
His office is located in Newark, and he has practiced law for approximately 30 years. He has his own office with a staff. He, therefore, has experience in managing a law office. He has been a DA for almost 26 years, and has tried hundreds of cases before both judges and juries. He has tried both misdemeanor and felony cases. He has presented cases to the grand jury. He has worked with numerous police agencies and victims of crimes.
Mike is running on both the conservative and Democrat lines. Not your everyday occurrence in our county. So, then, what’s the big deal, you may ask? If you agree with me that the minimal qualifications set forth above are realistic and important, then it is a very big deal. The Republican candidate doesn’t come close to meeting any of these qualifications. You don’t have to believe me. Find any advertising, letters, circulars or whatever from or about him which will give you answers with actual numbers to any of the above. Good luck finding them.
I am proud to support and intend to vote for Mike Calarco.
OK, I admit it. I’m a Republican, and encourage you from whatever party or no party to vote for the person whom I believe to be the only qualified candidate for DA. Mike Calarco. Many Republicans are supporting and working on his behalf. If you are interested, join us in this effort.
Jim De Point