Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation recently held an event for Purple Heart recipients and their spouses in Palmyra.
The annual event celebrated its eighth year of serving military heros. Hosted by Mary Lou Reisdorf, the trip took three couples on a guided pheasant hunt, wine tour and spa treatments over three days.
The main purpose of the trip is to connect and bond with other Purple Heart heroes and their spouses, enjoy time outside and be welcomed by the local community.
One couple from the 2016 event said, “I cannot express how wonderful this weekend has been. We never get away, and we are grateful to escape to such a wonderful weekend with such gracious, beautiful people. It’s one thing to have a great weekend escape, but words cannot express how your hearts have touched ours. All of you are such special people that we will never forget and hope to see again. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”
When these veterans return home, they often find that both their personal and professional lives have been impacted by their war experiences. WWIA and hosts like Reisdorf strive to show these heroes that they can still experience and accomplish great things, no matter their current circumstances or challenges.
“We are so grateful to be able to host these amazing couples,” Reisdorf said. “This event is a way for us to honor the service and sacrifice of these Purple Heart heroes, and to honor and recognize their spouses for their outstanding care and support. We hope these days help provide these couples with some well-deserved time away from the demands of everyday life, and that this event will help facilitate healing and restoration in their lives.”
Most WWIA events serve an average of three to five veterans, and last anywhere from two to five days to allow for optimal bonding, brotherhood and camaraderie. These events help bolster self-confidence while strengthening the bond with nature, local communities and other Purple Heart veterans. Whether these heroes suffer from traumatic brain injury, permanent limb disability or post-traumatic stress disorder, these connections are critical to the healing process.
Visit wwiaf.org for information.