WEBSTER — Two Webster couples found themselves right in the middle of a horrific ordeal when shots rang out in Las Vegas on Sunday.

The couples were enjoying a Vegas getaway and happened to be staying at the hotel adjacent to where the country music festival was going on.

"We weren't there five minutes and all of a sudden commotion," Shelly Comfort said Monday. "The band stopped and ran off the stage. The SWAT came in with machine guns telling everybody to run as fast as you can, there's an active shooter in the building."

Comfort, of Webster, and her husband were staying at the Mandalay Bay Resort — the hotel where a gunman opened fire from his room into the crowd of people at a concert below. The couple stopped at the bar for one last drink on their Las Vegas getaway as the gunman opened fire.

"People were going under tables to hide," she told News 10NBC. "People were running, tripping trying to get through all the crowds, trying to get to the elevators."

Stunned, the Comforts made it to their room not knowing what was going on. While they were experiencing the chaos, Joe and Kristi Shur — who were traveling with the Comforts — heard the gunshots and saw commotion outside.

"The shots lasted for a very long time," said Kristi Shur. "For over a half hour. They only time he paused was when he reloaded."

"It just happened over and over again, and we looked out the window and soon thereafter you could see the helicopters coming. You could see police coming from all different directions," Joe added. "They had shut down the Strip.”

“The helicopter had a spotlight and it was going around our building and the spotlight would sometimes shine in our room and we're stepping back like ‘what is going on here,’” Kristi said.

Both the Shurs and the Comforts were fortunate: They were able to remain in the safety of their rooms. They still can't believe what they lived through.

"This whole thing was surreal to see what I saw last night ... horrible,” Shelly Comfort said Monday. “And this morning, people lying around outside under blankets because they can't get anywhere, they can't get into their rooms ... They could go nowhere, so yes, it was horrible."

The two Webster families say it was great to land in Rochester Monday and to hug their family members. But, would they go back to Vegas? Both say absolutely.