Canandaigua resident says his children's book presents 'a unique perspective on Christmas'

CANANDAIGUA — Mike Filippello’s second children’s book, “The House of Top Hat ~ remembers ~ A Journey Through Christmas,” comes from a story the Lyons native wrote a long time ago.

“I wanted to put it out for a long time at the holiday season, or as close to the holiday season as I could get,” Filippelo said. “It’s a unique perspective on Christmas, and it’s kind of the intertwining of the two worlds, which is my imaginary world of ‘Twinkle Winkle’ that I write all my stories based upon, and the world of Christmas and how we celebrate Christmas.”

An excerpt:  “For Top Hat a special house was built, and any time of day You can go there and listen to the stories from where he came. In the ‘House of Top Hat’ he remembers and the stories told one by one are never the same.”

Filipello, 52 — who currently resides in Canandaigua with his wife, Tricia and their beloved pets — earlier published the children’s book “Dreamship Ruxtengallo.” It was funded through Kickstarter, a site where filmmakers, artists, inventors and others can raise funds for their various creative projects. For the new book, he chose instead to use the platform CreateSpace, which is owned by Amazon and provides free tools to help self-publish and distribute books, DVDs, CDs, and video downloads.

“I chose to publish my book on CreateSpace because I wanted control over the destiny of the book. I'm the person that does everything for the book, marketing, social media, distribution, etc. It’s up to me to see that it succeeds on every level that it can,” said Filipello. “I did my homework on CreateSpace; product quality is excellent and they have a great deal of tools that you can follow to make your book successful.”

Since the publishing of his first book, Filipello has lost his mother, and he feels he inherited his creativity.

“A Christmas book is special because it can convey one person's perspective on Christmas and still be understood by all who know what Christmas and the holiday season is truly all about,” said Filipello. “I love this story and I hope that it shows in the way that the book is written and that the illustrations convey how I really see Christmas. It really is a special time of the year and if there's ever a time that magic can truly exist in this world, it would be on Christmas Eve.”

Depending on the success of “The House of Top Hat ~ remembers ~ A Journey Through Christmas” this holiday season, Filipello has plans to release three more books.

“I'm thinking about putting out my first two books, ‘Miratambo Moonsong’ and ‘In a Place Called Barrontippeny’ as second editions with the release of the third book in that series, ‘Sweet Dreams from Cornpopple Cozy’ — and in the future maybe another Christmas book that I'm putting ideas down for right now,” said Filipello. “I like to think that I have a few more books in me.”

"The House of Top Hat ~ remembers ~ A Journey through Christmas" is available at  or at using the key words “The House of Top Hat, Michael Filippello.” For all things “Top Hat” visit: