Nearly 29,000 Rochester Gas and Electric customers lost power and some had property damage due to storm

CANANDAIGUA — A couple of years ago, a tree struck the side of Heidi Walsh’s house on Scotland Road in the city, smashing through the kitchen triple window on Thanksgiving day.

Thankfully, when a tree hit the front of the house in Sunday’s storm, the damage was less concerning — though it appeared a broken attic window, broken gutter and possible roof damage would have to be fixed.

Downed trees was one of many troubles following a late-afternoon series of storms that hit the Rochester/Finger Lakes region. After a mostly warm and pleasant Sunday, a late afternoon high wind warning and then severe thunderstorms took most people by surprise. Some residents, many of them in Monroe County and surrounding counties including Ontario, raced for cover as winds rose to 60 mph in some places.

While the worst of the wind and rain lasted just a few minutes in most areas, it knocked down limbs and trees, power lines and other equipment, leaving nearly 29,000 Rochester Gas and Electric customers without power at its peak.

Responding to widespread outages, RG&E issued a statement, saying it “quickly mobilized local crews and additional resources to the affected areas to respond to the extensive damage.” In its statement Monday, RG&E said it expected “to have power restored to the vast majority of customers affected by the severe storms by tonight.”

As of 10 a.m. Monday, about 7,000 customers remained without power and the company continued to shift resources to the affected areas and would continue to do so “until power is restored to every customer," the company stated, adding, "RG&E’s top priorities are restoring power as quickly as possible and the safety of our communities, customers, employees and contractors.”

By 6 p.m. Monday, the number of customers without power had dipped to 2,300 with 1,126 in Monroe County and 423 in Wayne County.

Along with power crews, road crews in the city of Canandaigua and elsewhere were busy cleaning up on Monday, as well as homeowners picking up debris and assessing damage.

While Monday stayed chilly and felt fall-like, the days ahead should return to warm, sunny weather.

The forecast for the rest of the week looks peachy. With the exception of cold nights, as well as a frost advisory for Tuesday morning with temperatures in the 30s, the daytime high Tuesday is due to be 64 degrees and it’s up from there. Expect a comfortable 70 degrees or a bit above all week — and this weekend, think a cold beer or lemonade on the deck with a Saturday high of 74 and a cozy 76 on Sunday.