ROCHESTER — The woman found guilty of murder in connection with the death of her husband, Craig Rideout, has filed a notice of appeal.

David Pilato, Laura Rideout’s defense attorney, filed a notice of appeal on Monday. He will not be representing Laura Rideout during her appeal and he won’t be making the arguments, but he says the issues that would undergird an appeal were largely spelled out in the “330 motion” after she was convicted and before she was sentenced.

Those arguments reiterated the defense contention that the four defendants — Laura Rideout, her sons Colin and Alex, and her boyfriend Paul Tucci — should have been tried separately and that trying them together muddled the evidence and the arguments, keeping each defendant from being tried solely on the facts of his or her case without contamination by evidence that should apply only to other defendants.

Pilato says there is also the question of whether Laura was conclusively proved to be at the scene of Craig Rideout’s murder, or “any crime,” and if she were at the scene, whether that proves her to be a participant in the murder or even an accomplice.

He says the notice of appeal was filed to protect Laura’s appellate rights.

Last week, Laura Rideout was sentenced to 25 years to life for murder. She also got 15 years for burglary and one and one-third to four years for evidence tampering — with the sentences running consecutively.

In July 2016, Craig Rideout of Penfield was found wrapped in a tarp in a wooded area in the small town of Jerusalem in Yates County. Investigators said he had been beaten and strangled with a garrote. Months later, his estranged wife Laura and two sons Colin and Alex were charged with murder.

Tucci was also indicted, but cleared of all charges at trial.