Last week we reported about a Shih Tzu that was allegedly taken from the owner's porch and sold on Craigslist. The owner was able to track his dog and get it back but which dogs are at risk for dognapping? Our news partner, News10NBC looks into the trending story.

Last week a dog was allegedly stolen from a front porch then sold on Craigslist. It happened in the North Winton Village in Rochester. That stolen Shih Tzu was returned to his owner, but many times that isn't the case.

Any dog that's easy to scoop up fast is an easy target for criminals. Many small breeds like Shih Tzu, Pomeranian, Miniature Poodle, and small terriers are often the victims of dognappings.

Officials at the Humane Society say they haven't seen an uptick in these cases. However, many incidents go unreported because people believe their dog is just lost, not stolen.

Many people are stepping forward and saying this happened to them as well. There are steps you can take to keep your dog safe. One important way is to micro-chip them. If your dog is lost, that’s a way for the vet or animal shelter to know that dog belongs to you.

Also, keep your dog in a place where a criminal can't get to it. If your dog is taken, Reno Di Domenico at the Humane Society says there's no telling where it could end up.

“It could go to Craigslist, it all depends on the motive of the thief,” Di Domenico said. “A lot of these dogs could be picked up by people who feel they could be better owners, or it could be that they're trying to flip the dog.”

Di Domenico also encourages people to avoid sites like Craigslist when purchasing a pet. If the seller doesn't have any type of paperwork for the dog, that's a red flag. Also, if your dog is stolen make sure you report it to local police so that your dog can be on their radar. Lollypop Farm has a lost and found section on their website.