To the citizens of Wayne County:
I proudly served as your sheriff for 27 years, and served in law enforcement for 41 years. During my career, I saw the pain and suffering of hundreds of crime victims in this county, and many of them did not survive. The families and loved ones of these victims depended not only on law enforcement, but the district attorney’s office to aggressively prosecute these cases in criminal court and help the family and loved ones bring closure in the healing process.
This election day, we have an important decision to make. A decision that will affect our criminal justice system in our county, and that is to elect the most qualified candidate for DA. We have a number of pending murder trials that will be prosecuted next year. We need a seasoned criminal prosecutor to prosecute these cases.
Logic and common sense leaves me with one choice of a qualified candidate, Mike Calarco. Please join me in electing Mike Calarco our next DA, a dedicated, seasoned prosecutor with 26 years of experience in the Wayne County Office of DA and the criminal justice system as a prosecutor.
Dick Pisciotti
Wayne County sheriff, retired