Contested races for district attorney touch raw nerves with defense attorneys who work within that system. Wayne County last saw this in 1991, when outgoing DA Steven Sirkin appointed
Dennis Kehoe to replace him rather than Rick Healy, with whom Sirkin had shared an office. The lawyers predicted the controversy presaged doom. The system survived.
Now, 26 years later, the same dynamics appear. The voters take it in stride; however, the defense attorneys see disaster everywhere. Mike Calarco’s latest campaign financing filing shows most of his contributions from defense attorneys, many from Monroe County. What interest would a Monroe County attorney have in a Wayne County race other than financial? Are defense attorneys supporting the candidate they believe will make their work harder? Are they the new guardians of public safety? If so, why such huge billboards to distract highway drivers?
David Fulvio has been with our office for the last six years. During that time, he has worked with us on lawsuits filed in state Supreme and federal district courts across from New York City to Buffalo. His work has been exemplary and his results impressive. Because we often fear whom we do not know, the attorneys who mostly appear in local justice court gratuitously comment on David’s qualifications as if they knew him or his work. They are rarely our opposing colleagues. They have never talked to me about him. I have no hesitation in recommending David for Wayne County DA.
Anthony Villani