Macedon has a top-notch candidate running for Macedon town council. An experienced leader, Debbi Napolitano understands the challenges of budgets, funding and quality of life for serving both present demands and future needs of residents.
Each year, the town of Macedon borrows $1 million from waste management. Where does that money go? How is it spent? Napolitano supports keeping a sharp eye on all money that goes into the budget.
Yes, each year Macedon residents receive the basic services (roads, police, fire protection, record keeping, etc.); however, a good quality of life includes other basics — libraries, parks, recreation, etc. Macedon facilities are not keeping up with the growing needs of a growing community. As a recent news item in the Times says “Palmyra Community Center to Expand Youth Athletic Options for Macedon Residents.” Napolitano supports increased funding for community recreation.
Also, the hot new engine for encouraging small business start-ups in Macedon are the Workshops for Entrepreneurs at the Macedon library. Napolitano encourages increased funding for the library’s programs, which serves all age groups.
Napolitano will attend all town board meetings in person, 12 months of the year. She will be here to listen to and represent Macedon residents.
Dorothy Mauser