The district attorney is important to children, as the office represents the state in child abuse prosecution. Pediatricians place high value on successful, efficient prosecution, because those who physically and sexually abuse children are prone to repeat their crimes, and the psychosocial damage is a lifelong impairment.
This election features a distinct difference between Calarco, an experienced assistant DA, and Fulvio, who has stated he has “experience as a civil litigator and extensive knowledge of criminal law.”
I don’t think one can minimize neither the value of experience nor the differences between civil and criminal prosecution, instead Fulvio suggests DA reform is needed.
Healy, the prior DA, and our team have shared more than a hundred cases; it’s not something we like to count, but it does represent “experience.” The court values experience. When called to give testimony, we are first qualified by questions directed to assess our validity as an expert and inquire about our training and experience.
Fulvio correctly points to a decline in the criminal trial rate under Healy. Perhaps that is a positive in child abuse litigation? A criminal courtroom can be an awful place for the child victim, and a decline could well indicate DA Healy’s success as chief law officer with a high standard for evidence.
Richard Healy as DA will be a tough act for anyone to follow, and criticism of his record may not be the best political platform.
Michael Jordan