I am the deputy town supervisor for the town of Macedon. I am writing to offer my unqualified support for David Fulvio, candidate for Wayne County district attorney.
I have known Fulvio since he joined the law firm that represents our town since 2012. Fulvio, representing our town, has consistently demonstrated the highest quality of professionalism and attention to detail so important in our work. His knowledge of the law, both criminal and municipal, is unsurpassed.
Fulvio is a cum laude graduate of Rutgers University and Boston University School of Law. Upon graduation from law school, he passed both the New York and New Jersey bar exams on the first try, again showing his knowledge, expertise and attention to detail in a very competitive environment. Speaking of competitive, Fulvio is an ultra marathon trail runner, successfully competing in 100-mile runs on a regular basis as time and opportunity permits.
In conclusion, Fulvio has been an asset to our town, carefully and diligently maneuvering us through complex contract negotiations, Village dissolution, establishment of local laws, opinions on points of order and law. He is careful to research things diligently to give us the best advice in a timely fashion.
Fulvio has been and continues to be a pleasure to work with, and will bring a new order to the DA’s office.
Paul Kenyon