I’m a lifelong registered conservative with primary knowledge of this year’s vetting process for the district attorney race. I sought to thoroughly vet all the candidates.
David Fulvio stated he is a lifelong Republican who had only applied to the conservative party and Republican Party. I verified his credentials and record with his current and previous employers. He never hesitated to make himself available to answer questions.
Michael Calarco stated he was a lifelong Democrat and had also cross applied to the Working Families Party, which Bernie Sanders proudly called the closest to a Socialist party in New York. He stated that he had decided to enter the race prior to Chris Bokelman exiting. Calarco stated he had applied to Gov. Cuomo for a special appointment to override the appointment of acting DA Chris Bokelman. He stated that he had done three felony trials, but none in the last 20 years. He avoided additional questions and blocked me from his campaign’s Facebook page.
I support David Fulvio for DA. I believe he’s a true conservative Republican who will stand for what’s right and just. David’s references indicated he had achieved great results for his civil and criminal clients. David is a new father with a vested interest in ensuring the safety of the community and ensuring no one is above the law, even lawyers. He boldly called upon the DA’s office to stop violating residency requirements, and challenged the 27.4 percent felony conviction rate as unacceptable.
Andrew DeWolf