Having recently left the Republican Party and enrolled in the Conservative Party, I was pleased that the Conservatives recently put aside partisan politics in favor of the public interest, and endorsed the most qualified candidate for district attorney — Mike Calarco, a Democrat.
The DA, along with the sheriff, is responsible for public safety, arguably the most important function of county government.
The Republicans took the partisan route, and endorsed their candidate, a young attorney who has specialized in civil litigation. He has virtually no experience in criminal prosecution, the prime role of the DA’s office. Calarco, on the other had, has over 20 years of experience as an assistant DA in the DA’s office. Experience, in my judgement, is critical in this position; it is not a position for “on the job” training.
I urge all Democrats, Republicans and Conservatives to choose the public interest over partisan politics, and vote for the best candidate, the experienced candidate — Mike Calarco.
John Cook