This year has been quite interesting, and it seems to be coming to an end very fast. Once we get to Halloween, the days seem to fly by and soon it will be a new year.
Here at the town hall, we have had a very challenging time with water in the basement, a leaking roof and several small projects that needed immediate attention. Our newest town board member, Brad Cook, really stepped up to meet many of the challenges head-on. With help from the rest of the board, town hall employees and much assistance from our highway crew, many projects were completed immediately, or are scheduled to be done when funding is available. We have always done our best to try to foresee expenses and budget appropriately. Emergencies are the exception, and must be dealt with as they come up.
Once again, the town board, with the help of most all employees, has completed our 2018 tentative budget. It has been very challenging with the planned addition of a new heated highway truck facility. As most of you know, I assembled a team to research, justify and design a plan to replace the existing — cold — truck barn. It will be in the same general location, so demolition of the old barn will be required. You will be seeing more details about this program in the next few weeks as we will have a referendum on the November ballot to give the taxpayers the final say of its approval.
I must say that this “team” approach has been very successful in executing the whole plan. It started with an evaluation of the whole highway facility. I can truly say that all of our predecessors did their best to maintain the town’s facilities, but a study of the current truck barn, considering its age and condition, proved the need to be replaced. The addition of heat in the building will have many benefits, including employee safety. This team took the challenge of replacing the building by being as thrifty as possible, and meeting the needs of the town highway department for many years in the future. If you have any questions about the project you can contact Brad Cook, Mike Boesel or myself for information. I believe I can speak for the entire town board in saying we are proud of the proposal, and want to thank everyone who contributed to the process of creating a new heated truck storage facility.
Once again, our tentative budget has been completed, and it takes in consideration a five-year plan that includes paying off the new building. In the 2018 budget, we stayed under the state tax cap, have a “flat” budget for the year and we intend to continue to spend your tax dollars wisely.
In closing, everyone at the town would like to wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season. Please take time to slow down and enjoy them. I also would encourage everyone to get out in November and vote. It is your opportunity to support the people you elected to manage the business of your town.