On the same day 128 guns were turned into police, thieves broke into a gun shop near Albany and stole guns. A few weeks ago, an Ontario County gun store was robbed and dozens of guns were reportedly stolen. A $10K reward has been offered for information in the Seneca crime.

On the same day 128 guns were turned into police and the New York State Attorney General's office in Rochester, thieves broke into an upstate gun store and stole dozens of guns.

How do our police and communities stay ahead of the bad guys?

The Gun Buy Back Program

One of the pistols sitting on a banquet table in a church warehouse was turned in by Ann Fareed.

Ann Fareed, turned in handgun: "I wasn't carrying it. It was in my house and I thought it was a good time to get rid of it."

She got $75 for turning it in.

Ann Fareed: "I feel great."

News 10NBC: "Why?"

AF: "I don't have to worry about it anymore. No one is going to come in and take it and I'm not going to hurt anyone."

Over four hours in Rochester, the State Attorney General's office collected 128 guns. Every single one of the guns will be destroyed.

Ted O'Brien, Assistant NYS Attorney General: "The hope is that we get guns disposed of in a way that we know they won't be used in criminal activity."

But it's hard to stay ahead.

Overnight, near Albany, security cameras captured hooded thieves breaking into a gun store, stealing 40 shotguns, rifles and pistols. Two and a half weeks ago, someone stole six handguns from Turnpike Lodge Guns & Gear, a federally licensed gun shop in the Town of Seneca which is halfway between Canandaigua and Geneva. ATF has now offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

Assistant State Attorney General Ted O'Brien about the stolen guns commented on the stolen guns.

Ted O'Brien: "I don't think we believe this is going to be the answer to gun violence or the proliferation of guns."

News 10NBC: "I guess what I'm saying is it's a difficult situation because you're taking close to a hundred guns off the street and yet, overnight, at least 40 guns were stolen from a gun store which will probably end up on the street."

Ted O'Brien: "Yes and our hope is that over time with more gun buy back programs, we can get a number of guns off the street. It's the unwanted guns that we want to make sure don't fall into the wrong hands. That is our goal here today."

The Rochester Police Department says approximately one out of every four guns used in a crime seized by Rochester Police was stolen.

Here are the number of guns stolen in 2012:

New York State: 2,363

Texas: 18,434

Georgia: 12,602

Florida: 11,756

California: 10,114

In a 2013 story, the USA Today said the Center for Problem Oriented Policing at the University of Wisconsin called buy back program "among the least effective way to reduce gun violence."

Where does the money come from?

The NYS Attorney General's Office says the money to buy back the guns comes from money seized from drug and gun traffickers. So it's not your tax money.

If you know anything about the gun shop burglary in the Town of Seneca, call the ATF at 1 (888) ATF-GUNS.