Here's an interesting report from our news partner, News10NBC's weather team on true weather phobias.

Many of us have fears of fears and a few of us are terrified of things that some may find unusual.

But how would you feel if when we were giving you the weather forecast and you thought only of doom and gloom. Well, I am sure sometimes that may very well be the case but for a few people the weather forecast can be so terrifying that one may be physically impacted. Here is a look at a few of those conditions.

The most common fear of weather is Astraphobia or the fear of a thunderstorm. Nearly a third of Americans deal with this and for good reason: thunderstorms are dangerous and can deadly if one does not give them the respect they deserve.

Best thing to do is stay indoors and keep you self-distracted as much as possible until a storm passes. But what if you find yourself terrified of a specific cloud or clouds in general? Then you may have Nephophobia. Some people may find their size, shapes or simply the fact that they linger over your head floating there scary. Some clouds even have interesting shapes like Lenticular clouds for example which are at times mistaken for “flying saucers."

Now if you have this last fear though then life in Rochester may be extra tough. The Fear of Snow or Chionophobia. Now many people just simply dislike the cold weather but for a few it means they will completely shut themselves in doors as long as there is snow on the ground. It typically is a result of fear of slick roads or falling snow from buildings or in some locations avalanches.

I do want to note to be sure to consult your doctor if you feel you fall in to any of these categories.