Family of parole officer want Gov. Cuomo and state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to get involved.

The family of a parole officer is demanding answers — and Rev. Al Sharpton has gotten involved as well.

The Guardiola family want to know what happened to Sandra Guardiola, and they say a state police investigation isn't enough to find out. They want Governor Cuomo and State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to get involved.

"I just lost it, I couldn't believe that she was taken away from us," says Anthony Ocasio, Guardiola's son. He and his sister, Alyssa Ocasio, are struggling to understand what happened.

"My grief and pain turned quickly to anger, because she devoted her life to a force, to a job that failed her," Alyssa says.

On October 4th, Sergeant Scott Kaiden of the Canandaigua Police Department entered Guardiola's apartment for a wellness check that ended in death. According to the New York State Police, Guardiola displayed a weapon, and fired at Sgt. Kaiden after he told her "No, Sandy, don't."

That's when State Police say Kaiden fired back three times. Johnathan Moore, the attorney for Guardiola's family, says he doesn't buy it:

"Where is the analysis of the gun to show there were prints on it to show if it was shot? Where is the testing of her clothes to see if there was gunshot residue?"

Moore calls the investigation incomplete and biased. He's calling for Governor Cuomo and Attorney General Schneiderman to begin a special investigation.

"We've had no cooperation from these officials across the board up there, and that's really disturbing," he says.

The case is also attracting the attention of prominent civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton:

"How do you go from concern to execution? Where there was no crime and there was no person suspected of a crime, how does it escalate to that?"

Sharpton says an independent investigation will help answer that question.

"We can never get Sandy back, we can never replace their mother, we will never close that hole in their hearts," he says.

"But we can make sure that there are no more Sandy and whoever did this to Sandy pays for what they did."

Guardiola's attorney says they will hold rallies in the Canandaigua area calling for an independent investigation. Sharpton also says he won't stop, and that he will continue to make noise until, he says, the Guardiola family gets justice.